Wednesday, April 8, 2009

2nd Roll

Just want to share some of my new lomo photos taken in Bagiuo City during our visit last March 14-15, 2009.

This one's my favorite. We went to Baguio to catch Panagbenga Flower Fest. Here's one captured moment during the festival.

This is Petra. We named her after the famous Roderick Paulate film. Hehe. She is one of the famous attractions in Mines View, Bagiuo. For 10 bucks, you can have a photo with her. Love the locks.

This one’s taken in Mines view- a great spectacle to behold. I believe two images merged on this one.

Let me introduce my best friend Jeng. This was taken during her birthday celebration. We’ve been friends for 11 years already and our friendship just keeps getting better. She is one of God’s gift that I truly treasure.

I’m not quite sure where exactly this was taken. All I know is that it’s a tricycle driver in Bagiuo.

Same with these. Hehe

*I also have to credit Mr. Cyprus Malinao because we both can't remember who took what photos. hehe