Sunday, May 31, 2009

Brilliance in Filipino talent

I was just sitting at our commercial shoot, munching on some chips while checking out some takes, when my art director partner suddenly asked me, “Sino na nga ulit yung director na nanalo sa Cannes?” I was shocked with what he said. “Sinong director? Ngayong Cannes film festival?! Wow! Si Raya Martin? I shotgunly asked him. Hehe. “Parang, brilliant ba yun…” he exclaimed. “Si Brillante Mendoza? Nanalo siya?” I excitedly cried. “Oo yun nga, nasa news na nanalo siya.”
“Astig! Shit! Astig!” That was all I can say. While still on shock, I continued to munch on some more chips.

That was the moment I knew that Filipino director Brillante Mendoza (Serbis, Masahista, Foster Child, Kaleldo) won as best Director for his film Kinatay in this year’s Cannes film festival. A very proud moment, just knowing about his achievement.

Kinatay, was selected to compete with other films such as one of my personal anticipated films of 2009- Quentin Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds. He didn’t just bested up and coming directors, but no less than Academy Award winning and well-respected directors from all over the globe.

I’m so proud of what he has achieved. I’m so proud to be a Filipino. I never lost faith in the talent of Filipinos, especially with people like Brillante who believes in the art notwithstanding the dreadful state of our current film industry. He has proven that Filipino talent is world class.

Truly, we can always achieve brilliance in anything and anywhere if we just believe.

Health Wake Up Call

“Anak, take na your vitamins.”

“Uy uy uy, don’t forget your vitamins o. Bring it to your office na lang.”

“Hay naku, inumin mo na yan! Di naman nakakataba vitamins no.”
Almost everyday, my ever dearest mother never forgets to utter those words of care.

“Sige, I’ll take those later.”

I always replied.

I do take it, but not everyday. Sometimes.

Now, my unreasonable and senseless defiance has taken a toll on my health. I can’t really share what’s up with my health now, but it’s something worth being alarmed. Back when I was in high school, I suffered from a heart problem. I was hospitalized a couple of days. A really scary experience with some hardcore cardiac arrest action. Hehe.

According to the doctor I had a chat with recently, because I have a heart problem, I am now vulnerable to opportunistic infections. They have a term for it, Immunocompromised person. People who have other sickness in the past or if the sickness runs in the family (i.e. Diabetes, Hepatitis, Hypertension) are more likely to be easily infected by common diseases.

Hence, they should boost their Immune system by taking vitamins and the usual stuff like eating healthy and through exercise. I should do that. Really should. Really, really should. But it’s not that easy. Hehe.

I’m catching up with all the opportunity I lost of boosting my anti-bodies because I was too lazy to even get a glass of water and just take those vitamins. I’m also trying to get fit and shape up. I think so. Though things have already occurred beyond my control, I believe it’s not too late. I should just always be careful in everything that I do- really careful. For health’s sake.

We all have our priorities like our family, career but our health is as important. Too bad that it had to reach this point just for me to realize it.