Thursday, January 29, 2009

Knocked Out

The clock strikes 2.

Sometimes there’s chaos all around.

But during those blessed days

when our clients are not trying to kill us all,

there’s Ghandhi spreading serenity.

Whatever we have here in the afternoon,

It’ll only take me less than a second to completely doze off.

Then once more, I’ll take pleasure in a sinful slumber.

After every lunch break,

I just can’t help but give in to that urge

-not the one related to obscene things-rather,

I just can’t help but sleep.

I’ve noticed that usually, at around 2pm here at the office,

that is if I’m not doing anything,

I feel the need for a 10-15 minute rest for my eyes and body.

There were even a handful of futile attempts

to fight this so-called urge by reading a book or an article from a magazine,

watching videos online and even chatting with people around.

So this just proves that my tolerance for pleasure is quite high. haha.

Yes, yes.

I know.

Sleeping during work hours is quite a shameful act,

yet, brings so much delight.

Well, for me, there is an intense feeling of satisfaction

after you wake up from a sneaky and short nap.

The best part so far, no one in the office barely notices.

Even the people seated next to me.

But I guess it won’t take them long to realize and say,

“Hey, don’t you get paid here to think of ideas awake?!”

Try it.

Just don’t get caught.

I don’t know what to write here.

So I guess I’ll just be sharing some crazy stuff most of the time.

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