Sunday, March 1, 2009

Farewell Gucci

While everyone is giving their greetings of love and passionate kisses on Heart’s day, we we’re mourning for the death of one of our most-loved bundle of joy.


It wasn’t too long ago when I introduced him here. I didn’t expect that the next thing that I’ll be sharing about Gucci is his untimely death. It was really sad to bid farewell to him that soon, since he’s only been with us for about two weeks.

The culprit?


According to the vet, Parvovirus have already found comfort in our house and we can’t get rid of it anymore. Hence, every doggie that we’ll bring in our home will most likely be infected by it. The only way to prevent that from happening is through sufficient vaccination beforehand.

That was our mistake. We didn’t have Gucci vaccinated at once because of the notion that he was too young for it. Big mistake. Big one.

We did everything we could to save him. We even had him confined and dextrose in our resident pet clinic. But it was all too late.

According to the vet, who called and woke us up early morning-which made it extra dreadful- he expired just before Valentines Day ended.

We hurriedly went to the clinic to have a glimpse of Gucci before they have him buried. The sight of him dead in a small box summoned all our tears.

I believe it happened for a reason and we certainly learned so much from what happened.

He is now with our Lord.

We will surely miss his adorable walk, the way he wakes us up with his kisses and his stress-reducing cuteness that gives us unadulterated smile filled with happiness.

We will miss you Gucci. We love you.

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